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Just One Day  - Gayle Forman Read my full review here.

The thing about this book is that it deals with so many relatable topics that it’s so easy to like.

I’ve read that some people think Allyson is an idiot for “obsessing” over Willem, but I think that aside from them each finding someone who understand their true selves and having a feeling that something bad happened to him - which it did - she’s searching for the Allyson that she is when she’s with him because it’s the truest version of herself. Except instead of calling herself Lulu she realizes that, “Hey, this isn’t some persona based upon a famous classic actress, this is the me I would be if I lived for myself instead of others”. To me, that’s the most profound aspect of this book and that’s what really made me love it.

As for the setting, I love that we’re taken to so many places. Forman knows how to describe these places so well that I felt I was almost in each location. And can I just say I love that we follow Allyson to college? For this reason, I could easier relate to Allyson’s feelings and struggles in school. A lot of people call this book YA, but I definitely think it’s more New Adult (which I love). It’s an NA book with a good plot and accessible characters! Finally!

I would be crazy to not point out that I love Forman’s incorporation of Shakespeare. Not only does she use his words and ideas, but she has us follow his plays (as they are acted and/or read by characters).

The only problems I really had are with some aspects of the writing style. Forman tends to repeat herself a lot within the same paragraph which can become a little distracting.

Overall, this book was everything I expected it to be and then some. It really spoke to me on a personal level and I was easily drawn into it.