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Anne of Green Gables  - L.M. Montgomery Read my full review here.

I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it. Now, hear me out. I think Montgomery creates lovely, complex characters. Reading the character dynamics and arcs was fascinating. When Marilla finally verbally tells Anne that she loves her, I was moved. As well, it’s clear how Anne matures over the course of the book - which spans years - and it was a believable change. She’s still that same imaginative, outspoken girl, but she knows how to carry herself better, etc.

This’ll seem so obvious, but I really enjoyed the scenes with Anne and Gilbert. Aside from his stunt when they met, he really seems super sweet. Ahem, he tried to give her a candy heart as another apology. How adorable is that? He genuinely rooted for her and even went out of his way to be extremely kind to her, even though she hadn’t said she’d forgiven him yet. for example, rooting for her during her reading, and giving up the local school so she could easily stay at Green Gables. Also, the fact that when she finally tells him she’s forgiven him, he walks her home and they spend half an hour at the gate talking is really lovely. I’ve read that their love story is one of the most well-written ones, and I agree.

Of course, the relationship between Anne and Matthew was also beautiful. He cares for her so much, and he really isn't afraid to show that, despite being an otherwise very shy person.

Overall, this book was a great joy to read. Montgomery knows how to paint strong pictures with her talent of description and she easily made me care for the characters. I think I’ll buy the sequels.