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The Subtle Knife  - Philip Pullman Read my full review here.

In this installation of the series, Pullman takes us jumping from world to world, and this introduces new and exciting things. For example, we meet Dr. Mary Malone, a character who is dedicated to learning about Shadows - otherwise known as Dust. Also, Will is introduced. The book begins by following him and we get to see how traumatic his life has been. He has been caring for a mother that seems mentally unstable. He seems like a tormented person yet he’s cold when he meets Lyra. To him, she seems immature. Yet to the two children bond based on what they go through together. They become each other’s support, in a way.

The narration of this novel follows a different character in each chapter. This gives readers a better sense of past and new characters. My favourite chapters to read are those that follow Lee Scoresby and, of course, Lyra and Pan. Those characters are extremely complex and well-written. Scoresby and Lyra have a special bond and that is more apparent in this installation. In this sense, I feel that Scoresby is a central character to Lyra. Lyra is, of course, still amazing. She may come across as immature at times but she can be extremely mature.

Of course, there is a fair share of drama and tragedy within the novel. For instance, Lee Scoresby is killed. Now, this made me angry because Pullman just set him up as an important character, and then killed him off. I can’t see how this particular event will benefit the overall plot of the book series, so for now it doesn't sit right with me.

Overall, The Subtle Knife>/i> was well-written. This novel was so easy to slip into. I kept wanting to read more chapters which is something a book should always make me feel.