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Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories

Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories - James R. Thomas I've never read flash fiction before but I think sometimes the form says a lot even with its limited space. Some of the stories that had the most impact on me are: "Level" by Keith Scribner (p. 79) and "Currents" by Hannah Bottomy (p. 51). "Level" is my favourite, though, because unlike the majourity of the other stories, it was a simple moment of happiness (with a little bit of mixed feelings about the future thrown in). Most of the stories had a melancholy tone and it was rather depressing reading that many stories about death and missed opportunities again and again and again. So, Scribner's piece was a breath of fresh air. Overall, I feel like while some of these stories weren't to my taste in terms of content, I really enjoyed seeing how these authors explored and experimented with form and style.

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